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The Dreaming Giant – Veronique Massenot, Peggy Nille


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Dreaming Giant: A Children’s book Inspired by Wassily Kandinsky Inspired by Wassily Kandinsky’s 1940 painting, Sky Blue, this delightful children’s book delves into the kaleidoscopic mind of a sleeping giant. Author Ve ronique Massenot and illustrator Peggy Nille interpret Kandinsky’s abstract characters as the somnolent visions of a giant who stumbles into a village of microscopic townspeople. Though the villagers initially fear the enormous stranger, they soon discover a gentle soul through his beautiful dreams. With its brightly colored palette and playful drawings, this wonderfully imaginative book echoes Kandinsky’s lively style. As young readers explore the wonders of the miniature villagers’ world and the colossal giant’s imagination, they will be inspired to find their own way …


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