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The Family Project – Harriet Green, John-Paul Flintoff


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The Family Project : A Creative Handbook for Anyone Who Wants to Discover Their Family Story – but Doesn’t Know Where to Start Every family has a story to tell. This is yours. Think of your favourite family holidays, recipes, jokes and often repeated tales. Wouldn’t it be great to record them before they’re lost to history? Harriet Green and John-Paul Flintoff are journalists who have spent years drawing the best out of their interviewees. Here they prompt you to do the same with your nearest and dearest – whether it be re-enacting an old family photo or crafting a letter to someone you miss, remembering much-loved family pets or quizzing your parents about their earliest memories. You’ll become a doodler, detective, cartographer, historian, anthropologist, peacemaker and author. An …


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